The grandson and great-grand son of professional photographers, Steve has had a lifetime focus on photography, starting as a child and doing serious B&W Darkroom photography in college. His focus can be summed up by the following quotations:

“There is no such thing as reality. There is only perception.” Flaubert

“There is always another side of every mountain—the side that has never been photographed and turned into a postcard. That is the only side worth seeing.” Thomas Merton

Steve’s photographic images are in three areas: non-iconic travel photography, graphic imagery and theatre photography.

He is represented in collections in the United States and Europe as well as being published in two national magazines. In addition his work has appeared frequently in the local press as the principal photographer for the JCC Center Stage Theatre as well as being a past photographer for GEVA Theater.

Several years ago, Steve joined Image City Photography Gallery as a Partner and is currently the President of the Gallery.

Steve has studied under many well know photographers and educators (including Jay Maisel, Eddie Soloway, Arthur Myerson, Doug Beasley, Henry Horenstein and Sean Kernan); taking master classes each summer over the past years.

Artist Statement:

Creativity has always been a major component of my adult life, ranging from developing new approaches to solving problems and improving processes in my past employment as a scientist and manager at Kodak, to extending these concepts to other businesses as a consultant in improving the way that they operate. Simultaneously to being creative in the private sector, I have also strived to express my vision in my environment employing the medium of photography. Starting in college with black and white film photography and continuing into the realms of conventional color and now digital, I am inspired by my environment (either locally or in exotic travel locations) and to create strong, graphic images. I go out “empty”, with no preconceived directions and allow my photography to be directed by what I see. Joining Image City Photography Gallery has further helped this process, as I exhibit my work each month, creating and exhibiting new photographs for each monthly show.